Print your own document photos

Here is how to take a photo for an official document and print it at your local photo center.
First take a picture of your subject. Make sure the subject is well lit, there's no unacceptable jewelry, headgear or facial expressions, etc. Load it into your photo processing software. Make sure the photo's background is pure white by using the cloning, smudging and eraser tool to erase any background surrounding your subject. Use the selection tool and set it to select per required proportions, either 2x2 for the US passports or 35mmx45mm for some European documents, etc. Symetrically select your subject's head and shoulders.

Look at the size of your selection in pixels then enter it here:

Selection width, pixels:
Selection height, pixels:

Enter the size of the photo as required by the government agency, in inches:

Required width, inches:
Required height, inches:

Enter the picture size that you intend to print on usually 4x6 or 5x7 and so on. The larger the print the more photos you can fit:

Print width, inches:
Print height, inches:

Create a new image with the size below then copy and paste your subject selection from the first image into this new image, as many times as you can to fill it up:

Resize your canvas width to ____ pixels.
Resize your canvas height to ____ pixels.

Upload it into your print center's system and order the prints. It the print center offers an autocorrect feature then turn it off because with most of the time it just darkens your pictures.